The David Lynch Foundation - Sounds of Trauma

We created a film that shows what a veteran experiences in the course of a normal day.
Viewers first watch various war scenes.
Super: "These images are from the battlefield. The sounds are not."
Halfway through, the film cuts to everyday scenes from civilian life: an alarm clock going off, a fan swirling, a washing machine spinning, balloons and popcorn popping and fireworks going off.
It turns out that the audio from the war scenes was actually recorded using these noises. Everyday sounds were selected with the cooperation of real veterans in the aim of being as true as possible.
By putting the audience in a veteran's shoes, we increased their inclination to donate.


Cannes Lions Silver Design 2017
Cannes Lions Bronze Film 2017
Cannes Lions Bronze Film Craft 2017
Cannes Lions Shortlist Cyber 2017
3 x Cannes Lions Shortlist Health 2017
Cannes Lions Shortlist Film Craft Editing 2017

D&AD Graphite Pencil Craft in films Sound Design 2018
D&AD Wood Pencil Film 2018

One Show Gold Craft Sound Design 2018
One Show Silver Health & Wellness Film 2018

Clio Awards Silver Film Technique Editing 2017
Clio Awards Silver Film Technique Sound Design 2017
Clio Awards Bronze Digital/Mobile Sound Design 2017
Clio Health Awards Silver Film Technique 2017

Eurobest Gold Design 2017
Eurobest Silver Film 2017
Eurobest Silver Film Craft 2017
Eurobest Bronze Film Craft 2017
Eurobest Shortlist Health 2017
Eurobest Shortlist Health Craft 2017

LIA Silver TV & Cinema 2017
LIA Silver Music & Sound (Sound Design) 2017
LIA Silver Music & Sound (Sound Editing) 2017
LIA Silver Health & Wellness 2017
LIA Bronze Health & Wellness (Sound Design) 2017
LIA Bronze Production & Postproduction (Editing) 2017
LIA Bronze Digital Sound Design 2017
Epica Gold - Best use of Sound 2017
Epica Silver - Health & Safety 2017
Epica Bronze - Online & Viral Films 2017

Cristal Gold Film Craft 2017
Cristal Silver Film 2017
Cristal Silver Design 2017

Strategy Marketing Awards (Canada) Gold Craft Editing 2018
Strategy Marketing Awards (Canada) Gold Craft Sound Design 2018
Strategy Marketing Awards (Canada) Silver Craft Direction 2018

French ADC Gold Sound Design 2018
French ADC Gold Film Craft Editing 2018
French ADC Silver Grandes Causes Film 2018
French ADC Silver Film Grandes Causes 2018

Grand Prix Strategies Silver Film 2018

Paylib - The simple gesture

Relaunch of Paylib, the number 2 payment solution from 10 french banks.

Handicap International - #BodyCantWait

Right before our eyes, broken bodies have been waiting for years to be repaired. People walk past them every day, without even noticing that they?re missing limbs?the statues that adorn our cities.
We therefore came up with a unique and simple yet never before seen idea: #Bodycantwait.
In order to raise awareness for Handicap International?s 3D prosthesis project and the urgent need for artificial limbs on the other side of the world, we decided to repair the bodies of various Parisian statues with fake 3D prosthetic limbs.
Over a 24-hour period, each of these statues became spokespersons, delivering one clear message: ?No more bodies in the world should have to wait this long to be repaired?
A disruptive image with enough stopping power and viral potential to support our set national awareness objectives? and beyond.


Cannes Lions Gold Outdoor 2018
Cannes Lions Bronze PR 2018
2 x Cannes Lions Shortlist Health & Wellness 2018

2x D&AD Shortlist PR 2019

3 x One Show Merit 2019

Clio Awards Silver Out of Home 2018
Clio Awards Bronze PR 2018

Eurobest Gold Outdoor 2018
Eurobest Silver Outdoor 2018
Eurobest Silver Health 2018

London International Awards Finalist Health 2018
London International Awards Finalist Outdoor 2018

Cristal Gold Outdoor 2018

Shortlist Grandes Causes Club des AD 2019

Cofidis - Les Préjugés

Google Cloud - The Biography Of Tomorrow

To show the power of Google Cloud, we set up a full-scale demonstration by analysing the 10 business markets of 10 CEOs.
Extremely accurate and predictive data was collected. Then we used and reshaped them into a brand new genre of book. With the help of writers from Le Cherche Midi (one of the top 10 publishing houses in France), we created the 10 first ?biographies of anticipation?, explaining the potential future lives these executives could have if they accepted to meet with the Google Cloud team.
The collection consisted of 10 books, each published in one single example, telling the 10 stories, each 60 pages long, and prefaced by the world famous economist Jacques Attali.

Cannes Lions Shortlist Direct 2018

One Show Merit Creative Use of Data 2019

Clio Awards Silver Direct 2018

Eurobest Silver Direct 2018
Eurobest Bronze Print 2018

Epica Silver Direct 2018

London International Awards Silver Print 2018

Club des AD Shortlist Direct 2019

Cofidis - Les Préjugés

Pom'Potes - Play Outside

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